Sandra Bland Was Murdered.

Since Sandra Bland’s arrest earlier this week and her subsequent death, there has been a multitude of conflicting reports. There were numerous inconsistencies- from the dash cam not capturing the entire altercation, a mugshot that seemed off, and her being found dead in a cell three days after her arrest, supposedly of suicide.

Autopsy reports claim that Sandra Bland hung herself. However, the public cannot accept this. Even if the police did not actually put the gun to her head, they allowed her to fire it. They put her in the situation that led to her death.

We live in a country where the police hold the power. They can stop whoever they want, whenever they want. They are allowed to hold racial biases and discriminate. Of course, this does not account for all police officers- some are honorable, and do their jobs. But, increasingly, there are more and more instances of police brutality, with inconsistent reports and the police escaping punishment.

It has been just under a year since the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. It has been over three years since Trayvon Martin. We aren’t seeing justice- we are seeing an increase in racial bias in police departments and protection of officers who act on those biases. As citizens of this country, we have a duty to stand up for those who had their voices taken from them. We have a duty to stop police brutality, and honor those who have already been lost. Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and the countless other black citizens who have been murdered by the police deserve to have their names remembered. We will say their names, loudly. We will not forget. And we will fight.

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