Why You Should Be Supporting Bernie Sanders

I am a staunch supporter of Bernie Sanders. Even though I will not be able to vote in the next election (sadly), I am hoping and praying that the rest of America have the good sense to vote for Sanders.

As others have pointed out, Bernie Sanders is not perfect. But he is the best option. He is a progressive Democrat, adamant in his stances on race, education, women’s rights, and healthcare. He is actually talking about hot-button issues like climate change, help for veterans and immigration. He is not just saying things in order to gain popularity with voters- these are views he has held for decades. What other candidate can say that?

Bernie Sanders is not a perfect ally to people of color, but he is adamant in his beliefs in equality. He frequently tweets statements such as “People should be elected to office based on their ideas, not their religion or the color of their skin” and “Let’s stop the racism. Sanders acknowledges that people of color suffer from four central types of violence: physical, political, legal, and economic. He acknowledges that we are allowing a system of oppression to continue in our society. But more than talking about these issues, he is proposing solutions: Give everyone a fair shot at attending college. Ban prisons for profit. Re-enfranchise the more than two million African Americans who have had their right to vote taken away by a felony conviction. Demilitarize our police forces so they don’t look and act like invading armies. These ideas are radical, but he is willing to promote radical change to get our society moving in the right way.

One of the more controversial parts of Bernie Sander’s campaign is his proposal to eliminate tuition fees for undergraduates at all public colleges and universities. Many are railing against this proposal, saying that it will cost American taxpayers too much, that we shouldn’t be giving away education for free. But why shouldn’t education be a universal right? Why are some people more deserving of higher education than others? Who decides that distinction?

News recently broke that the Republican-led House voted to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization dedicated to promoting women’s health. We are at risk of going back to the days when women had to risk their lives to end an unwanted pregnancy. Women’s bodies are being policed by the government, and this should not stand. If Bernie Sanders is elected president, he will not let gender inequality continue. He has already advocated for years on these issues, and has been a staunch supporter of feminism and women’s rights since he was a college student. We should want a president that will stand up for birth control rights, for the rights of domestic abuse survivors.

Bernie Sanders will not lead our country into ruin, like Donald Trump, Carly Fiorina or Mike Huckabee would. He is the candidate who will help solve some of our most pressing issues right now. If you’re not planning on voting for him, I ask you to seriously question what you value in your life, and #FeeltheBern.

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