Hillary Wins New York :(

Yesterday, April 19th, was the New York Democratic & Republican primaries. Unfortunately both parties’ front-runners came out on top; Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had double-digit leads over their opponents.

Hillary’s victory over Bernie is not an omen of a defeat at the Democratic convention this summer. Because of New York’s rule that only registered Democrats or Republicans can vote in the primaries, all the registered independents were unable to participate. This is clear evidence that this two-party system is rigged; If the 3 million registeredĀ  independents had been able to vote, Bernie would likely have been able to come out on top. He had a lot of support from the younger demographic, and from people who are tired of seeing establishment politics crush the little man. Hillary’s Wall-Street and Super PAC-backed campaign may have won this one, but come the summer, Bernie supporters will come out in force and will hopefully be able to block Hillary’s nomination.

Although the mainstream media is clearly biased against Bernie, and he doesn’t have the support of rich, corrupt corporations, he has the support of a nation of people who are sick and tired of Wall Street controlling politics. Bernie is the only one who can bring this country the political revolution it needs. Hillary may have won this one (After all, you’ll always be loved by the things you create [Wall Street]); but, the nation loves Bernie, and he will win the Democratic nomination and the 2016 General Election if we keep fighting for him.

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