On October 19th, the two presidential candidates faced off for the last time before voters head to the polls on November 8th. The promos that ABC and CNN played leading up to the debate felt more like advertisements for a reality TV show than for an official forum for candidates to discuss complex issues that affect American citizens. But those advertisements weren’t too far off from what went down during the debate.

The night started off relatively uneventfully. Moderator Chris Wallace told the audience to remain quiet, we were reminded of debate rules, and the candidates entered. Then came the first question. Secretary Clinton gave a polished, if perhaps a little too rehearsed answer to how she would approach the issue of the Supreme Court. We heard about the second amendment, which the candidates obviously disagree on, but nothing too out-of-field yet. Then came the first polarizing question of the night: How would the candidates want reproductive rights to be handled by the Supreme Court?

Clinton is, of course, pro-choice, and Trump pro-life. Neither of these views is necessarily right or wrong (of course, I am adamantly pro-choice because I believe that a woman’s body is her own. But I digress). However, what Trump said about late-term abortions was not only scare rhetoric but factually inaccurate: You can take [the] baby and rip the baby out of the womb. In the ninth month. On the final day.” What frightens me as a woman is that Mr. Trump has no understanding of the laws that regulate abortion. 88% of abortions are performed during the first trimester, and even though late-term abortions can be permissible in special circumstances (i.e. when the life of the mother or the child is in danger) there is no such thing as a ninth-month abortion. Well, actually, I guess there is; It’s called a Cesarean section. This final debate demonstrated that the only person on that stage who had an understanding of women’s health and abortion procedures was, in fact, the woman.  

Thankfully, moderator Wallace switched the topic to immigration rights. While I don’t believe either candidate presented a fully functional plan to help mitigate our country’s influx of immigration over the past decade, their speeches weren’t what caught my attention. When Trump tried to throw in a bit of Spanish to appeal to a minority group, it failed epically. By calling immigrants “bad hombres,” he alienated not only Spanish-speaking citizens but also immigrants and individuals who know people who are immigrants. I doubt Trump even knew that “hombres” meant “men” until his campaign manager told him to say it.

I could go on and on (and on) with the insults that Trump used in the debate. All of them disgusted me. From his infantile “You’re a puppet” comment to calling Ms. Clinton a “nasty woman”, every minute of the debate proved that he is unfit to lead the United States of America. He lies about both big and small matters, and has no grasp of foreign affairs. He poses a danger to the entire international community if he is elected.  So to all the Trump supporters: I hope you get out and vote! Remember, election day is November 30th 🙂