About The Writer

Hi! I’m really happy you clicked on my blog. I’m a rising junior in high school, with a really strong passion for feminism and social activism. Besides writing this blog, I spend my time reading (especially books about feminism), watching netflix, taking online college courses through EdX, performing in theatre productions, participating in Model UN, and running my high school chapter of Project LETS.

I hope you enjoy reading what I write about, and I welcome any comments and views you may have on these issues.

Twitter: @amber_caitlin_

One thought on “About The Writer

  1. Hello, I really like and agree with some of your posts here. As a guy I have been seeing a lot of sites and people spreading rumors about feminism, and thought that it was a girls only club that was shaming men and certain positions of power. I became most intrigued by your posts about why feminism can’t be called or specified as gender equality and your teacher willing to talk about the movement, but not wanting to listen to those that are actually affected. I am interested in becoming a feminist myself, but first I want to make sure I’m making an informed decision and also have a couple of questions that I’d like to ask.


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